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Involvement Strategy: what would you have done differently?

Dear ABCD forum members,

I work for an adult social care charity in London. We are working on our involvement and co-production strategy, its launch and implementation.

I wonder whether you have already formulated your organisation involvement strategy, what is your learning, in terms of what you would you differently now, with the benefit of hindsight.

In summary, we mapped existing examples of individual engagement, collective involvement and co-production, we gathered the views of people who use services, their families, other stakeholders in the local communities and colleagues at a variety of level. Than we wrote our strategy and now we are consulting people and planning a launch to reach our 700 employees and about 1400 people who use our services. It is exciting time, a time of learning. We learnt for example that many people understand that involvement it is about having their say and participating to their own service and where they live, rather than abstract concept of involvement with our organisation at a broader level. We also learnt the importance of easy-read materials and total communication to overcome barriers.

Any hints, suggestions, directions to indicate from your experience?

Thanks for your support

Best Regards


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Hello Gianluca

A very hasty response from me as am pretty tied up just now but I recommend  you approach Sam Clark of Inclusionnorth who is on the ABCDE site, and also maybe take a look at as some great ideas there too

all best wishes


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