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Dear friends & colleagues

We have recently been looking at how the ABCD Europe Ning site is used by members. Our impression is that there is not much activity connected to the site & although our membership grows it is not where many of us chose to share our learning or have conversations. We might be wrong about this & it could be serving an important purpose we don’t know about – that is why we are writing to you.

We are considering if we should close the site & sign post us all to connect via other routes like the blogs, Facebook & twitter accounts people seem to be using already or if it has a longer term life

Do you use the Ning? If you do have you ideas or an interest in growing the general use & vibrancy of the site?

Over the last couple of years we have had a role in managing membership requests or supporting the site but our capacity to do more on the site is limited. We are all still passionate about ABCD but realise we do our connecting in other ways (real life or other media) & truthfully cannot offer more time ourselves to this Ning site. If you can offer more time to the site or a particular skill please do let us know.

We would value hearing from you by 28th February. After that we will take forward a plan to close the Ning or reinvigorate it – having let you know before we act what feedback we’ve received, and what course of action that suggests.


Many thanks


Marc, Cormac & Sam

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