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Hi there, i recently participated in some ABCD workshops facilitated by Cormac Russell and Jim Diers through Forever Manchester - very inspired and really fired up about trying to implement some real lasting changes to the approaches that staff within a local authority make when engageing with communities.


To that end i am devising a package of workshops/support for staff when working with communities - the fact that i work for a local authority means i am all to aware that ABCD will be a massive paradigm shift for many people in terms of how they percieve themselves as leaders (gate keepers) and how they see the community (passive recievers of support).

I am interested to know if there are any examples of other local authorities in the UK who have adopted an ABCD approach to their work so that i might benefit from their experience and avoid any mistakes they may have made!


I hope that this makes sense!!




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Good to see you on here and thinking in terms of promoting strength based approaches.i know just what you mean  I first came across Jim and Cormac's workshops a couple of years agoe it really gets you worked up.

I agree it can feel like a bit of a gear change not just for public sector workers but also for all of us working from a needs led service approach. 

I know from your time in Newsome that you are well aware of the fantastic practisioners  of assett based approaches that can be found in local people. For me thats the place to start, it's their example we can follow. We need to practice together and avoid professionals behaving as if ABCD is something they teach local people about.


Hope its works out


Alan Williams






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