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I suppose I have a problem, now living alone in a rather staid city, Cambridge, where community development theory and practice never seems to be alive and well. But, luckily, and perhaps life is all about chance if you are a determinist as I am, I've linked in with my friends thinking about grass-roots upwards, sharing information and cooperating on As well as others. And what's nice, as a seventy-something person, I can work unpaid and/or in partnership with others, (I detest the word 'volunteer' not least because when I have 'volunteered' I've found myself in spite of a life-times experience, working with groups who know nothing about working with people's skills, respecting their experience and who seem, completely, to cooperate.

Anyway, I and we are working on links with a local housing society around direct payment/personalisation and person-centred issues, possible links with local GPs (but it's hard work and would appreciate some ideas and support) around the benefits of the 'Bromley-by-Bow's and others creative community thinking, working together with other credit unions, and especially local authorities who are disinterested and all that. I'm also trying, with difficulty to think about a video/dvd-led video approach to You Tube which would identify and capture really creative, radical and challenging ideas. More on this individually if others are interested please get in touch with Peter Durrant. 01223 415597. p.s. and it would be tremendous to have more contacts close at hand.

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