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I'm really excited about a new project we're launching on 24 April which aims to enable and support local people from one area to take action to improve health and wellbeing within their community. The project is strengths based, and we hope the asset based approaches and information collected will influence the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment process in Dudley.

In order to take part in our project, teams of 3 or more people from a community must participate in a full day training session on Saturday 7 May. The training will introduce asset based ways of working, including asset mapping. At the end of this session teams will be allocated a budget to carry out asset mapping in their community, and will have until  the end of June to do this.

At the end of June all of the mapping outcomes will be considered by the individuals who did the training. They will collectively agree on one community to take forward health improvement activity supported by a budget of around £50,000 and staff from Dudley CVS and Dudley Public Health Department.

See more information about the launch event, and register to join us if wish, at

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Here is a link to the presentation we used at our launch event: (it was very frustrating to be talking about rather then practicing an asset approach at the launch, however after lots of thinking and discussion we decided that as the purpose was for people to find out about a new project it probably was the way to go).

And here's a link to a feedback document containing questions and answers from the event, participant feedback and a participant list:


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