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Getting started on ABCD Europe

Hello & welcome to ABCD Europe, a network to talk about asset-based community development in action across Europe.

Getting started on networks such as this can be a bit baffling, so here are a few simple steps to get going.

  • Upload a profile picture
    It's much nicer to be able to put a face to the name, don't you think? To upload a new picture go to your Settings page, and click on "Browse" under the Photo section, navigate to the photo you want to use and click "Open". Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". Done!
  • Have a look at the other ABCD Europe members and send invitations
    Are your friends, colleagues and associates already here? View the Members list to see. The list is searchable. You can send invitations to anyone that you think should join by going to the Invite section. The easiest way is to click on "Enter email addresses" and paste your contacts' emails into the box - you can include a personal message. Click "Send invitations" when you're done, and we'll do the rest!
  • Say hello & introduce yourself
  • Join a discussion group
    Joining a group of interest is the best way to network and get involved in discussions. If you can't see a group that is looking at the area you'd like to discuss, why not start your own? Groups can be based around themes, particular policies/practices, geographical location, roles, communities of identity etc. If you would be interested iun discussing something, the chances are that someone else will want to as well, so why not get the ball rolling?

If you need any help, please contact Cormac Russell or Sophie Ballinger.

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