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I'm brand new to the ABCD Europe and pretty much to ABCD generally to be honest. I was introduced to the concept through a friend a couple of weeks ago and every spare minute I've had since I've been trying get even more aquainted with it all. There are so many aspects to ABCD are'nt there but I think its absolutely boss and I'm sooo looking forward to getting even more stuck in and understanding more in the hope that I can play a part in bringing ABCD more into line with the communities that I come into contact with and work with and live my life with on a daily basis.

I was appointed into post with Lifeline two weeks ago and my roll is to help to roll out a the new recovery service across my City which was commisioned in March. Lifeline are working together with CRI/ADS and Acorn helping to bring recovery to the city and its a really exciting time and something I've been working on and dreaming about in one form or another for over 10 years and now its finally happening. 

I've skimmed through some peoples blogs and some of the groups etc and I'm looking for anyone who is willing to hook up and talk and share ideas with me and the people I'm bringing along, me being a novice and all right now I'm pretty much like a not wet through, but willing to soak it all up! ;-)

Looking forward to sharing ideas and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



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Comment by Cormac Russell on June 2, 2012 at 15:54
Welcome David, love your energy around the work. Let me know if I can do anything to be helpful to you as you immerse yourself. I really like the ethos of your organisation.

All the best,


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