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Cormac's post covered most of the bases for me and we all can do our work to make it happen in our communities and the communities in which we work.

Meanwhile, the fear and deficit mindsets of our outdated, but still powerful, institutions, sometimes struggle to let go. It's not as if we depend on them supporting to start, just getting out of the way would help!

Amusingly, in County Durham, the public health folks are onto ABCD and have started a process of trying to understand it through seminars and self appointed in-house experts.

The concepts of "the medium is the message" and "learn by doing" are not well understood or practiced!

Anyway, at grassroots level we reckon Asset Based Community Development is what we have called community development for a long time. It's a bit like "social" enterprise and "fair trade - once we shift the power we can drop the adjectives (btw, grammar not my strong point, so do feel free to insert a better word).

We are also well aware about prophets in their own land and look forward to our ABCD stars coming to Durham. How's your diary for next year, Cormac (and Hazel, Jim and the rest of you....) ?!


December 2011

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Comment by Steve Day on January 26, 2012 at 11:27

Well, I am trying to sort it Cormac .... lots happening anyway .... whilst our colleagues get to grips with what ABCD means in theory, we are finding the interface of community development and renewable energy full of opportunities to address fuel poverty, energy sovereignity etc..........

Comment by Cormac Russell on January 2, 2012 at 20:56

Hi Steve,

Good to read your blog mate, not sure how I missed this up to now. As always speaking a ton of good sense. Love to come your way sometime this year to hear what you've been up to since last we met, which is far too long ago! Keep on keeping!



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