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The Anatomy of an Asset Based Community Builder

So you've gotten to the point where you can say hand on heart I get ABCD, and I love the concepts. Now, the question 'what do I actually do on Monday morning?', might be surfacing. Well in summary answer, you'd start Community Building. Here is a piece on what a Community Builder does; I've called it the Anatomy of an asset based Community Builder:


Let me know what you think.


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Comment by David Aynsley on December 6, 2011 at 15:30

Just launched the Cornwall Landscape Observatory. When children say 'There is nothing to do around here' it is proof that they are not integrated into their neighbourhood because if they were integrated they wouldn't say that. When children arn't integrated into their neighbourhood they probably don't have access to their fundamental assets - their human rights - because if they did they would be integrated. 

We have indices of deprivation in which the central dimension is income. Other dimensions include, education, health, protection from crime, work, housing, environment etc. These are all human rights(European Social Charter) so the indices of Deprivation are really indices of disfranchisement from Human Rights - our fundamental assets. In other words, we have drawn maps which prove that we bundle up rights around people with higher income and deny human rights from people who have low low incomes. Cornwall received £700 million  from  Europe and the UK Government between 2001 and 2006 to redress deprivation but only two wards managed to climb out of the bottom 10 percent of the country. Money is not the answer!

The Cornwall Landscape Observatory is set up to see if we can learn to appreciate and experience landscape as an asset which can help integrate children into their neighbourhood by giving them access to their human rights.

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