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Salford Dadz -Great Dads Make Great Children

Salford Dadz is a dads forum established in Little Hulton. It is identifying the big issues affecting dads and and share solutions amongst local men. It uses...

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Comment by Heather Henry on February 20, 2014 at 18:21

I hope you enjoy our video from Little Hulton in Salford. This is an action research project that I’m leading with funding from the Heather and Wellbeing Board. The approach is called Positive Deviance - finding the positive outliers - dads who, given the same difficult circumstances, have managed to be great dads, find out why and then share this at scale with other dads. Through improving the wellbeing of fathers we are hoping to positive effect the wellbeing of their children. The work is being evaluated by Professor Steve Robertson and his team at Leeds Metropolitan University,

This approach of learning from outliers is used successfully in 46 countries in the World but never as far as I can tell, with fathers. If you are working with fathers or have experience of using PD do get in touch with me on

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